Bitter Hand of Judgment

by Die Strong

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released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Die Strong Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: T.M.O.M.H.E.H.B
Time and time again; to be forgiven is love. We've displayed an adjacent bond between Mother Nature and ourselves. To accept our existence as a luxury, as a sickness. To open up, to let it pour out. We've become a cancer. To overcome would be a happenstance. A long-shot of a gamble. I'd bet against us. Against you.
Track Name: Humantics
Bring fourth remnants of a futile age, with a passion so great it must be shared by only one faint concept of my name. Instead of guilt when you close your eyes, instead of truth as you justify betrayal. Behind your lips a broken smile. Behind your teeth a hollow mold. Its not your fault, you were born this way. For my own sake, I hope to god I'm not right. If you could only see what your actions reflect on. These feelings of regret reveal the weathered face you hide behind your own, in a world with so much to offer, so much to see through. It's like we're stuck in the deep end, before learning to swim. Your arrogance sits idle in these thoughts of eminence. Interwoven in this phrase you hold so dear. When the aperture of your intent, is this narrow minded, you remain in endless sight. The essence of your past is a mirrored reflection of things beyond. you feel for your self, so i feel nothing for you. To remain a sample for society I am left to hold to my ignorance.
Track Name: Upward Resistance
Why must I continue and maintain this cold life? With skin so light it shines. As I walk through the footsteps you leave beneath your feet, you pave the way for me to destroy the one thing that holds me bound to your side. How does this translate? My drive, to want, to need, to gain. Simple mind behind a simple cause. Without the time, without the heart, to see this through. Some can't extend to reaches of self, without the bitter hand of judgment leading the way. Safe between a name and a place to call home. Torn and astray, and I know what I need to do. Take it back. Without the thought of you, without the sight of you. Complete my world and make me never look back.
Track Name: Thursday
For every love lost, we had our backs to the wall. And when the time came to fix this, death had already won. Within our blistering hearts, we know the ways of this sick world. I still don't believe, not once to this day, why was it not me? Always giving it up to see it through. Before that strenuous day, I had taken it for granted, the actuality that all we have is time. Hope is all that we can lean on, because reason will never stay firm. No closure for the commendable, no forgiveness given to those who help us sleep. Not hard to dignify what we hold inside, for those who we adorn, I don't expect the time, nor trust the day to happen so soon. With tragedy lingering aside, our lives can never go on, without a hint of a memory, to stain a smile upon our face. You have opened my eyes, to this harsh existence. Why should I spend my time, along the wall and hiding underneath? All that we've lost is all that we've got. Live for today or die for nothing. Gain or grieve, but waste is not an option. Open up the monumental door. Take what you have lost and benefit from imminent disaster, the struggle, the power, the attainment. You have opened my eyes.
Track Name: Toxic Youth
Day after day we lead the path for you. We hold the world to come but slowly lose our grip. Your poise is wearing down, your state is caving in, seeping through our fingertips. This is our fault. I wish we'd never recover from the Hell we've left here. War-torn and ill, to suffer. And in the presence of the end we will free ourselves from this, to take part in the destruction of such a beautiful place. but time cant erase what we have left behind our careless backs. Blind to our own defeat, this symbol of our lives. This blatant misuse of the one thing worth caring for. My heart goes out to those who try with hopes that we prevail, but still we stray here, defeated. As if we deserve a second chance, maybe it's time we face our shame. To stare into her eyes, humble, distraught, and re-maimed. The absence of safety and security, so over looked, will be the one thing we pray for. When we can no longer go on, we ask ourselves, "Why?" Why did we not open our eyes? Why did we let this linger on, testing our time, neglecting our fate. You seek for another way out, I accept defeat. Revive our kinship with this world. Remain the forgotten. You seek for another way out. There is nothing within our reach. Bestow with emptiness, foreshadowing a better place. Belittled on these borrowed grounds. Serve us right.
Track Name: All These Wasted Dreams
I can't pretend that I've been much better off. To bid me through this battle, through this struggle. I've come to realize that not much was lost. Without the presence of a man, I am thankful for what I've never had. To rid this world of superficial scum, I am proud to live as an underdog. Rehash another aimless life, for what? A chance to walk away from what you left to hang. To dwindle all alone. Without the hand, from who some call a dad. I'm fine on my own. It's safe to say I'm no longer in the guise of a dead beat. Hopeless, erase all the tired teachings and bullshit that you've left me. You didn't have the strength in one drip of sweat, to shower me with [the] heart that you owe. The absence of a figure, to influence my every move, may be the best thing that I could ask for. And the absent is you. Betrayal. Hope and regret are two things that I have never had. I learned from you, when you left for good. To say the least, I've learned from the choices of the lost. Now you have got what you foolishly wished for. How could I [ever] love you, I don't even know [who] you [are]. Open me up, reveal what's left inside. A bitter man.
Track Name: Faith & Misfortune
Everything is looking up for the better of us. I can't fathom the chance of failure when all is so aligned, and these dreams are at my expense, so expect my best. And when the time is now, I'll have my empty hands reached as high as you will allow, with open arms ready for the rainfall to pour down. By now I've come to find out my hopes were left to sickle in shining light, far from my grasp, therefore I'm left with nothing. Where do we go from here? All Is lost and we can't recover from this name. But time to heal, we're left with nothing. I've learned to keep my aspirations safely buried deep within. Resort to average, to usual. No reason to reconsider my faith, because I'll never be answered. With no progress, we are left to fend for ourselves in the hands of something more.
Track Name: The Sightless
Whatever reason, the animosity within you brain will alter your notion. The fact remains we're all the same. The piercing holds, the tolls left branded on your face. The same look of disgust that you portray, shimmers back across the crowded plain, from me to you. I hope that the day will come when you can feel the eyes rest upon your spine. The weight of shackles binding you down, keeping you where you belong. Look up. Parity and the simple signs of trust, humility's forsaken, too vain for so long. For peace, ability oversee, to at least have the decency to muzzle a word. And with the hope that we see a day, where the shade of your face, and the name of your race, will be a concept that we don't understand. Without desire to change, we will never get the chance to. Until that time, I won't settle for less. Let's erase what is left of them, a staple to a future man. Fill their empty hearts with a cesspool of spit that we collect from every nigger, fag, and kike. We fade away into aggression, to spite, to hopeless sense fighting back to say no less. Open up your confined taste in blank morale. You hinder all, no progress, no prevention.