Bring fourth remnants of a futile age, with a passion so great it must be shared by only one faint concept of my name. Instead of guilt when you close your eyes, instead of truth as you justify betrayal. Behind your lips a broken smile. Behind your teeth a hollow mold. Its not your fault, you were born this way. For my own sake, I hope to god I'm not right. If you could only see what your actions reflect on. These feelings of regret reveal the weathered face you hide behind your own, in a world with so much to offer, so much to see through. It's like we're stuck in the deep end, before learning to swim. Your arrogance sits idle in these thoughts of eminence. Interwoven in this phrase you hold so dear. When the aperture of your intent, is this narrow minded, you remain in endless sight. The essence of your past is a mirrored reflection of things beyond. you feel for your self, so i feel nothing for you. To remain a sample for society I am left to hold to my ignorance.


from Bitter Hand of Judgment, released January 1, 2012



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Die Strong Detroit, Michigan

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