All These Wasted Dreams

from by Die Strong



I can't pretend that I've been much better off. To bid me through this battle, through this struggle. I've come to realize that not much was lost. Without the presence of a man, I am thankful for what I've never had. To rid this world of superficial scum, I am proud to live as an underdog. Rehash another aimless life, for what? A chance to walk away from what you left to hang. To dwindle all alone. Without the hand, from who some call a dad. I'm fine on my own. It's safe to say I'm no longer in the guise of a dead beat. Hopeless, erase all the tired teachings and bullshit that you've left me. You didn't have the strength in one drip of sweat, to shower me with [the] heart that you owe. The absence of a figure, to influence my every move, may be the best thing that I could ask for. And the absent is you. Betrayal. Hope and regret are two things that I have never had. I learned from you, when you left for good. To say the least, I've learned from the choices of the lost. Now you have got what you foolishly wished for. How could I [ever] love you, I don't even know [who] you [are]. Open me up, reveal what's left inside. A bitter man.


from Bitter Hand of Judgment, released January 1, 2012



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Die Strong Detroit, Michigan

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